The Durst House

The Durst House is my 3D rendition of an old Victorian style manor found in the popular table top game, Dungeons & Dragons. I want this environment to be detailed and beautiful by its finale. Enjoy!

Concept Art by Mike Schley

A Bit of Background

Click for the published adventure!
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Curse of Strahd is a story campaign that was released for Dungeons & Dragons in 2016. The first chapter of this story is a mini adventure titled, "Death House," which allows players to uncover the mystery behind the Durst family and their crooked past.

This was one of my first splashes into D&D and is also the adventure that made me truly fall in love with the game. And that's why I decided to take the top down map of the Durst house and render it in 3D form.


My aim for this project is for it to be my most detailed and extensive modeling work yet. I want to take the time to put in the little details that tell a story; a story beyond a simple environment. And in the end, I want this house to be fully textured and lit so that you can visually take a walk through its eerie corridors.

More updates soon to come!


Disclaimer: I have no official association with Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, Mike Schley, or any other persons involved in the original conception of Death House. I am merely a fan and this is my independent project.