The Mermaid

The ocean is my first and most consistent source of inspiration. Growing up in South Florida, I was innately drawn to its immense depths and endless mysteries. As an extension of that love, mermaids became my favorite kind of magical creature and I decided to take my passion for them and make my own CG mermaid project.


Provided there aren't any bumps along the road, I am finished modeling! Baseline textures are also in. While they certainly aren't done enough for rendering, I've got my mermaid's color maps all nice and painted. Bump maps, spec maps, and other such things will come along in time.


I hope to create a short, fully animated exercise using this mermaid, including some nice swimming motion and lip sync. I want to push the limits of what I already know, as well as learn some new techniques along the way. In the end, this project will feature nCloth, nHair, an advanced facial rig, and realistic lighting.

More updates soon to come!